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A toolkit to change attitudes and behaviour around the physical punishment of children


Ending the physical punishment of children is everybody’s business. This section looks at different audiences for this topic, how to encourage them to think about the issues, and what everyone can do to end the physical punishment of children. Choose the audience you wish to work with, and then look through the suggestions for what kind of work you can do, and what materials are available to do it. Audiences considered are as follows:
Particular areas of influence are:
  • Gathering information and attitudes about physical punishment
  • Why physical punishment is not OK
  • Why legal change is necessary, and getting involved in campaigning
  • Positive parenting
  • Creating a culture and environment which respects children and young people, and prevents physical punishment

You can then follow the links to find the materials that have been recommended. Resources are materials that have been developed by other groups. They are reviewed here, and it tells you where to find them. Some of them are available free, often as downloadable PDFs accessible on the Internet. You may have to purchase others in hard copy. Activities are materials that have been developed by 'Sdim Curo Plant! /Children Are Unbeatable! in Wales. Full details are given here.